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Welcome to Great Pet Stuff Online!

Your source for great photo window decals and clings for Dogs, Cats, Birds & Ferrets!

Our signature product is our pet emergency rescue window decals that feature a full color photo of the type of pet inside to assist rescue personnel in case of emergency. Since so many pets spend time at home alone these days, an emergency rescue decal is a good idea. 

One of our photo, emergency rescue decals could SAVE YOUR PET'S LIFE if there is a fire, natural disaster, other emergency ... or something happens to you and your pet is locked inside your home.

We offer over 110 different dog breeds - from the very popular breeds like Labrador Retrievers, Yorkies, Goldens, Pugs and Beagles to some of the more uncommon breeds like Coton de Tulear, Dandie Dinmont Terriers and Dogue de Bordeaux!  We also offer cat rescue decals for Siamese, Maine Coon, Persian, Ragdoll, Bengal, Himalayan and other domestic short and long hair cats.  We even have ferret decals. 

We began producing emergency rescue decals in 2000 as SundogsDecals and have been making and selling decals worldwide for over 12 years.

We Also Offer Emergency Rescue Decals for MIXED BREED DOGS and CATS

For those of us who want to celebrate our special fur family members, be sure to check out our photo window clings that are just for FUN!!  

(All orders ship for ONLY $1.00 in the U.S. regardless of the number of items purchased. International orders ship for ONLY $1.25.)

All products made in the USA.

This site is dedicated to the memory of our beloved English Cocker Spaniel, "Simon" (Aug. 5, 1996 - April 21, 2012).